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Surprise Party Theatre

Here to make friends.

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Jan 4 '12


Who: Surprise Party Theatre
What: Shakespeare Party: Measure for Measure
When: Wednesday, January 18th, 7:30 PM
Where: The Waypost (3120 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97212)
Admission: Free! ($5 suggested donation at door for a script, which is required to participate.)

Surprise Party Theatre is a brand new events company, dedicated to blurring the lines between the theatrical and the social, all in our never-ending quest for a good time. Our mission is to throw parties where creative people can enjoy themselves, and to take performance out of uncomfortable chairs in overly-air conditioned spaces. Surprise Party Theatre is the wild-eyed, precocious child of producer, clown, puppeteer, actor, writer and intriguingly handsome man-about-town Jonathan Owicki.

The Shakespeare Party is Surprise Party Theatre’s flagship project. Think of it like Shakespeare karaoke—audience members are assigned parts at the door, provided scripts, and then we just get on our feet and straight up perform a Shakepeare play. No stage, no auditions, no experience required. And no audience but ourselves. All in a comfortable and inviting bar where you can relax and have a drink with your friends (at least while you’re not busy busting out iambic pentameter). Show up early to claim your part. Shakespeare Parties are hosted by Surprise Party Theatre’s resident Shakespeare dork, Jonathan Owicki, who will provide color commentary, choose appropriate dance music, lead the drinking games, and let you in on today’s Secret Word.

Measure for Measure is sexy, disturbing, funny, depressing, and basically just Shakespeare at his awesomest. The duke of Vienna has disappeared and his deputy is so puritanical he makes Rick Santorum look like Perez Hilton. But when he condemns a man to death for knocking up his fiancée before they were legally wed, has he gone too far? Listen, this play has it all—Nuns! Monks! Corrupt officials! Prostitutes! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, PEOPLE?