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Nov 1 '12

Shakespeare Party: Richard III

The latest installment of our Shakespeare Parties is coming to the Jack London on November 15th! Get ready to delve deep into the murderous world of English history with RICHARD III.

THE SHAKESPEARE PARTY is Surprise Party Theatre’s flagship project. Think of it a little like Shakespeare karaoke—audience members are assigned parts at the door, provided scripts, and then we just get on our feet and straight up perform a Shakespeare play. No stage, no auditions, no experience required. And no audience but ourselves. All in a comfortable and inviting bar where you can relax and have a drink with your friends (at least while you’re not busy busting out iambic pentameter). Show up early to claim your part. Color commentary, dancing, and drinking games abound!

This time around we are getting all historical with Shakespeare’s slimiest, nastiest villain: KING RICHARD III. Watch the original Tricky Dick lie, cheat and murder his way to the throne of England in the thrilling climax to Shakespeare’s series of plays on the Wars of the Roses. Think of it like Game of Thrones, except it really happened!* Not familiar with medieval English history? That’s okay! We’ll bring you up to speed with all the fast-paced, power-hungry backstabbing intrigue.

Thursday, November 15th, at The Jack London Bar (529 SW 4th Ave, PDX. Underneath the Rialto Poolroom)!

We start handing out parts at 7:00. Performance starts at 7:30.

FREE, with $5 suggested donation.

* Sort of.